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Coffee Kalgoorlie The Proper Gander


Those who have been in Kalgoorlie for a while, will have seen Bec at Relish and Everett Butchers.

Bec completed her apprenticeship under Alain Fabregues at the Loose Box in Mundaring and has worked under some of Melbourne’s best chefs.

Bec is a force to be reckoned with in the hospitality industry, and we are so excited that she will be manning our operation.

Coffee Kalgoorlie The Proper Gander


Billy is the founding man and brains behind The Proper Gander.

He is an innovator, forward thinker and has a passion for changing the coffee scene as we know it.

Having worked across a variety of industries, coupled with his passion for business and efficiencies he is a great asset to the Proper Gander Company.


Coffee Kalgoorlie The Proper Gander

What Makes A Coffee Great?

5 min. read

Don’t know if you know this or not. Approximately 30% of the Australian population drink coffee on a daily basis. Religiously. Alternatively, approximately 37% of the Australian population are religious. This means coffee is about 7% away from being as common as religion. And wars have been started over religion, which means we should start gearing up for WW3 if coffee runs out! For anyone drinking coffee, those stats shouldn’t surprise you. Coffee is the preferred way to start the day for nearly â…“ of t...

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Coffee Kalgoorlie The Proper Gander

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Subscription and order-ahead coffee service

Sign up for a subscription with The Proper Gander Espresso and never wait in line again. Specify what days and times you want your coffee and it will be ready for you.

Set up your work roster and favourite order online, and along with our integrated online payment solution your coffee experience will be easy and seamless.

Watch this space.

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